"You are a little soul carrying around a corpse."


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“… and another little microcosm was budding at the seams of our lips. If only they would press into each other once more.”
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I stood right there eyes locked on the goal

If I jump its over 

If I stand its misery

You always follow where your eyes lead you

Then why am I undecided

Shy Revelations


You’re gonna be
Everything that I dreamed
For myself

I’m gonna be
Too damn jealous to see
To my health

And we’re gonna die
From separation we’ll die
Like all else

But you’ll never know
The reasons I’m cold
I’m shy of

I still remember one day we stood outside and talked while we smoked. I went with you across the road with you and bought a coffee. I remember you laid your head on my chest while we waited in line. I was so shocked that I almost jumped back but instead I laid my head on top of yours. Turns out you where just trying to whisper so the guy behind us wouldn’t hear you making fun of him. I think to much.

Imagine this:


An open world A:TLA/LOK game, like Skyrim.
You’re the Avatar.
You pick your nation.
Customize your character.
Pick an animal guardian.
Make friends along the way.
You forge your own path as the Avatar.

Please. Please. Please.

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“I think I love you. That’s the worst feeling I can have right now.”
— Unknown