Behind every successful person is a panic attack no one knows about. 


just quicky.  playing with my new drawing tablet

Smoldrin’ Reminder


Guilt not the corners that darken your mind
Good is not bright without darkness to light
We all have those thoughts that should never be thunk
A smoldrin’ reminder of how far we’ve come


does the sadness ever end

At some point it stops mattering

So let’s blossom and bloom
Through all the glory and doom
Write for what we believe in
And die way to soon

Grow and prosper
Pick apart and dissect
We can own this level
And still have nothing left

Hand in mine finding a place to reflect
Like mirrors in the shade there’s nothing left to reject

We can find whole love
Be what we know is best
Care for each other
And balance the universal dialect

Wait For Me


Wait for me
Despite the tickle beneath your feet
Despite it all 
I will show like long waited destiny
Patient be
And wait for me